Why Asphalt Shingles Are Still an Excellent Roofing Choice

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Asphalt shingles are fondly known as the everyman’s roofing material, valued for their affordability and durability. But while they have dominated American rooftops over the past decades, you may be wondering if they still deserve a place atop your home. Prepare to be impressed by the resilience of this classic roofing material as we explain how asphalt shingles still manage to deliver excellence across the board.

Why Asphalt Shingles Are Still an Excellent Roofing Choice

  • Cost-Effective Quality. The biggest draw of asphalt shingles remains their affordability. Advancements in manufacturing and installation have made high-quality asphalt shingles more cost effective than ever. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t mistake their affordability for poor performance. Modern shingles now offer superior wind, hail, fire, and storm resistance, thanks to years of refinement to suit local codes and weather conditions.
  • More Design Variety. Beyond the classic three-tab design, nowadays there are architectural designs that promise a wider array of profiles, textures, and colors. For instance, some architectural shingles mimic the dimensional look of shake and slate, which are premium roofing alternatives. This variety of authentic-looking design options makes it much easier to install a roof that complements your home’s style.
  • Versatility. With more homeowners opting for complex roof shapes and features, versatility is fast becoming a key requirement in the roofing materials they choose. Asphalt shingles have proven time and again of being able to seamlessly adapt to most of these challenging designs. Their flexibility makes them a great choice for nearly every roof slope, type, or size.

Affordable as ever and fortified with modern innovations, asphalt shingles continue their undisputable reign as America’s roofing champion. If you would like to learn more about why millions of homeowners still prefer this roofing material, get in touch with our roofing experts at Reynolds Roofing today.