How to Destroy Your Asphalt Shingles

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If getting the full life from your asphalt shingles is an aspiration of yours, it pays to learn the various ways that you could destroy your asphalt shingles or at least shorten their lifespan. If you can avoid a few mistakes, you could easily get a couple of decades of performance from the quality asphalt shingles on the market these days.

How to Destroy Your Asphalt Shingles

Here are the few things you need to not do if you want to enjoy a lasting shingle roof:

  •  Having debris on the roof– If you have overhanging trees that dump leaves and pine needles on your roof, that is a good way to destroy your asphalt shingles. You don’t want to climb around up there cleaning them off, as that could do more harm than good, but you can trim back the branches so don’t get as much debris, and it will avoid having the branches sweep off the granules on windy days.
  •  Avoiding regular inspections– If you want a small problem to advance into a big one, just plain ignore it. Let it fester and grow by not bothering with regular inspections, and you’ll surely destroy your asphalt shingles.
  •  Climb on the roof and pull up shingles to check for leaks– This is a wrong move on so many levels! First of all, walking around up there is going to dislodge those necessary granules, leaving your poor asphalt shingles ill-prepared to do their job. In addition, you are causing damage yourself by pulling up the shingles. Trust us– don’t go up on your roof!

We’ve shared a few things you could do to destroy your asphalt shingles, so let us give you a great tip for protecting them – put us in charge of your roofing services! At Reynolds Roofing, we are passionate about helping our Concord or Charlotte, North Carolina neighbors enjoy the longest life possible from their asphalt shingles, and we look forward to helping you too! Contact us today to learn more.