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Roof Replacement in Concord, North Carolina
Since most roofs last anywhere from 20 to 25 years, you might not have had to deal with getting your roof replaced before. If you’re on the brink of a roof replacement project and you want to get a general idea of what to expect, here’s the process we follow when we replace roofs here at Reynolds Roofing:

  • You give us a call — When you call us for the first time about replacing your roof, we’ll get to know you a little better and schedule a time for us to come out and give you a roof replacement estimate. This inspection also gives us the chance to determine if you actually need to replace your roof or if you can get away with repairing it.
  • We give you an estimate — Once we’ve thoroughly inspected your roof and confirmed that roof replacement is a good idea, we’ll give you a rough estimate. We like to discuss this estimate in-person with you, so we can go over all of your options.
  • We schedule the job– After we’ve provided you with an estimate and you’ve solidified the material for your new roof, we schedule the job. Then, we get to work preparing for the job by ordering the materials, collecting permits, instructing you on how to prepare your home, and notifying your neighbors.
    • The roof replacement gets underway — Once the date of your roof replacement arrives, we show up at your doorstep ready to work! Keep in mind that how long it takes us to replace your roof depends on its size and complexity and the weather conditions at the time.