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A Guide to Seamless Gutters

If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, you’re also likely to be thinking about your gutter system. Here at Reynolds Roofing, we are big fans of seamless gutters.

What are seamless gutters? What makes them different from normal gutters, and why should you choose them? This article aims to answer those questions.

Normal gutters vs seamless gutters

A gutter system is meant to direct water runoff from your roof to a proper drainage system, preventing any flooding or build-up of water in areas where there shouldn’t be any.

Normal gutters, such as those you might buy from a home repair store and install yourself, consist of smaller parts that are joined together. On the other hand, seamless gutters are created and installed as one piece of gutter. They require professional installation and are typically made to order especially to fit your home.

Benefits of seamless gutters

  1. Minimize leaks- Are you tired of getting leaks from every seam of your gutters? Seamless gutters are the solution! A seamless gutter system only has seams on the inside and outside corners, which minimizes any leakage along the gutters. For this very reason, they are popular with homeowners and highly recommended by roofing contractors.
  2. Less clogging- Seamless gutters make for easier maintenance as they are less prone to getting clogged by debris. With normal gutters, you have to periodically check your system for any breakages in the seams and clean them regularly to prevent clogging.
  3. Save you money in the long-run- While seamless gutters cost more upfront, they are made of more durable material and require less maintenance than normal gutters. In the long-run, you will spend less on repairing any gutter leaks.