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Seamless Gutters

Having gutters on your home is an indisputably good idea. Without them, water damage to your home’s foundation can undermine the integrity of your entire home. Of course, it isn’t very pleasant to have water cascade down your back as you step up to the front door either. If you are looking to put gutters on your home for the first time or replace old ones that are no longer doing their job, you may be wondering about traditional gutters versus seamless gutters. Here are a few important tips regarding seamless gutters to help with your decision:

  • Realize that seamless gutters are not 100% seamless. Despite their name, seamless gutters do still have a few seams. There are definitely far less seams than with traditional gutters, but it is impossible to have none at all. The good news is that with far fewer seams, there are less areas where the gutters can come apart and leak down the road, so you get a more durable, lasting result with seamless gutters.
  • Be sure you discuss what materials will be used. There are many different materials that can be used to fabricate seamless gutters, including copper, galvalume, galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, and aluminum. Each has its own price point and benefits, so you should discuss them with a professional installer of seamless gutters to make an informed decision.
  • Understand that seamless gutters are not a DIY project. The process of fabricating seamless gutters takes equipment that costs many thousands of dollars, so it wouldn’t make sense to buy one for a one-time installation. Add to that the learning curve associated with operating this specialized equipment and you’d face additional costs due to lost materials. You might also be dissatisfied with the results. You’ll save money in the long run going with a professional installer of seamless gutters.