Why A Delayed Roof Repair Can Be A Costly Affair

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Roofs are essential parts of our homes. However, we sometimes forget to give them the proper maintenance they require to remain functional and aesthetic. Putting off a much-needed roof repair often comes with significant risks. One of these is additional expenses on top of the repair costs.

Why A Delayed Roof Repair Can Be A Costly Affair

Here are some of the major costs that are commonly caused by a delayed roof repair:

  • Water damage repair costs. The rest of your home will also suffer when you procrastinate repairing your leaky roof for too long. This is because your fascia boards, rafters, ceiling, drywall, or other components of your home might sustain extensive water damage over time. And if you’re thinking that fixing water damage is expensive, you’re absolutely right.
  • Mold and mildew removal costs. A damaged roof naturally lets extra humidity and water into your home. These conditions are favorable for mold and mildew growth. Such infestations can spread quickly across your home’s interior, giving it an unsightly appearance and exposing you to health risks. In cases of severe infestations, the cost of remediation will be pretty high.
  • Even more roof repair costs. Naturally, the longer you wait to repair your roof, the worse it will get. By the time you get around to it, you’ll be forced to pay for more extensive repairs. And in worst-case scenarios, your roof might be beyond saving, in which case you’ll have to pay for a new roof.

It’s important that you maintain your roof through regular roof repair. At Reynolds Roofing, we can help you protect your investment for many more years. Call us today if you are interested in a roof inspection or repair.