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You might have thought about taking care of your roof replacement or repair yourself, but thought better of it after you thought about the dangers. After all, even a single-story home’s roof is more than 12 feet up from the ground. Add that to the other dangers, such as climbing up and down ladders, dealing with power tools, and being on a slanted surface, and you can understand why insurance for a roofer can be pretty costly. It is also why a roofer should take safety seriously. Why should you care if the roofer you hire has a safety plan in place?

There are actually a few ways a mishap can affect you as the homeowner:

  • Delayed Completion – If something happens during your project, you can expect at least a small delay while the roofer takes care of the accident complications. It could also mean a long delay if an investigation is needed or the company doesn’t have additional manpower to step in to replace the injured roofer.
  • Emotional Considerations – Can you imagine how you would feel if a roofer fell off your home and became permanently disabled? Even if the prognosis isn’t that dire, that is still something you’ll think about even if you were not at fault for the accident.
  • Fault – Speaking of fault, did you know that you could be held liable? We live in a litigious society and juries and judges have been known to rule against a homeowner when a roofer has gotten hurt on the property. If they believe you should have been aware of an unsafe situation or that you were and did nothing to protect the roofer, you could face a long court battle. You can protect yourself by making sure the roofer you choose is fully insured and follows proper safety protocols. Always go with a roofer with experience and well-trained helpers.

Here at Reynolds Roofing we take safety seriously both to protect every roofer who works for us and to protect you and your family from liability. To find out more, contact us today!