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Professional Roofer

There are many things you have to keep an eye on when you are a homeowner, and the hardest ones to do consistently seem to be those that are out of sight. Your home’s roof could be one of those things that you miss, but there are a few reasons why you should call a professional roofer even if you haven’t looked at your roof lately.

The first reason to call a professional roofer is that you could be paying more for energy than you need to be. Your home’s roofing does more than keep rain and snow from damaging your home. It also insulates your home, provided it is in good shape. It might also interest you to know that today’s newer materials and roofing systems are far superior in terms of controlling heating and cooling costs, so an upgrade could save you considerable money in the long run.

The most important time to call a professional roofer is after a severe storm. You may not have a tree on your roof, but you could have lost a few shingles or enough of the granules to lessen the effectiveness of the roofing system. There could also be minor leaking that you aren’t noticing yet, but could cause moisture problems in your home.

Another reason to call a professional roofer is to have the gutter system checked. The gutters are an important part of your roofing system and if they aren’t performing properly, they can actually cause damage to your home’s roof. A professional roofer will check for damage and wear and tear, as well as any mistakes made in installation that could undermine your roof or foundation.

Here at Reynolds Roofing we offer both roof and gutter services because we believe they go hand in hand to protect your biggest investment. We are a trusted professional roofer in the Charlotte & Concord North Carolina area with more than 20 years of experience with shingle roof repair, replacement, and installation as well as gutter installation and replacement. Call us today to have your home’s roofing system inspected so you can gain peace of mind.