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roofing installation will be much easier and more efficient

As with most projects around the home, when it comes to roofing installation, the amount of preparation and the quality of preparation go a long way in making the job go smoothly! With proper preparation on your end, your roofing installation will be much easier and more efficient for your roofing contractor. If you need a new roof, here are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind when preparing for your roofing installation.

  • Consider others- Roofing installation is going to be noisy –there’s just no way around that! Children, pets, and neighbors can all get anxiety or be annoyed by the constant pounding, so warnings to neighbors ahead of time can allow them to make other plans during construction if needed. Think about allowing your children and pets to go else where for a few days as well.
  • Clear valuables and breakables- With all that pounding from roofing installation, don’t be surprised if a few frames are knocked off the wall from all the vibrations. Additionally, you’ll want to clear items out of the attic or cover them.
  • Make the job site easy to access- This will make the job so much easier for your roofing contractor! Clear away patio furniture, large bushes or trees that need pruning, any yard toys and BBQ grills away from the house so the roof is easy to access. Also clearly mark outdoor outlets for their convenience.
  • Remove extras from the roof- If you have a satellite dish, the time to remove it is before your roofing contractors arrive!

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