How to Know When You Need Roof Repair

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Your roof is an extremely important element of your home. It helps to protect your entire home from the elements. It is important to periodically take a look at your roof even if you just look up at it from your driveway or yard. There are a few things you can look for that will indicate that you are in need of roof repair. If you are able to catch these things early, you will likely be able to save yourself from expensive roof replacement and more extensive roof repair. Here are the signs to look for that will likely indicate that you need to call a professional for roof repair:

How to Know When You Need Roof Repair

  • Granules – Finding granules from your roof in your gutters is often an indication that your shingles are aging or that you have had serious damage from a storm. A few granules are ok, but if you are finding small piles of them, then it is time to have a professional come assess and repair your roof.
  • Damage – Take a look at your shingles. If you notice curling or cracking, then it is likely that you need a roof repair.
  • Sagging – Visibly sagging areas in your roof is a serious problem. This usually means that there is trapped moisture in your roof that has started to rot the boards underneath.

Give us a call at a Reynolds Roofing if you notice any of these issues with your roof. When it comes to your roof, it is better to address these issues right when you notice them.