Why Gutters are Essential

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Why Gutters are EssentialGutters are often an afterthought in a home’s construction. They are something that can be added later so they often don’t get installed when originally planned. Here at Reynolds Roofing, we know how valuable and essential gutters actually are. Here are four reasons why we recommend all homeowners install gutters on their homes.

  1. Protect your landscaping – If you are like many homeowners, you have a lot of time and money invested in the landscaping around your home. You want to keep your landscaping looking beautiful. One important way to protect your landscaping and keep it looking attractive is to install gutters. Without gutters the rain will run off of your roof and damage any landscaping you have around your home.
  2. Less chance of mold issues – Mold loves moisture. Without gutters moisture can build up and seep into your home, and therefore cause mold issues. By directing all of the rainfall to a specific area will help to reduce the chance of having an issue with mold developing.
  3. Fewer insects – Insects love standing water and damp areas. Gutters will help to prevent standing water and damp areas around your home and therefore help to limit the number of insects.
  4. Prevent decay – Shingles and siding can shift over time and water can seep into your home. You can help to prevent this water entering your home by installing gutters.

Gutters do a very important part in protecting your investments and help to keep your home looking clean and welcoming. They help to keep you dry as you enter and exit your home as well as protect your landscaping and home. If you are ready to have your gutters installed, then give us a call today.